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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app designed exclusively for the dynamic students of Tohoku University. No more swiping or chance encounters at the Kawauchi Library, because now, your university romance is just a conversation away. Allow us to introduce you to Eva, our Artificial Intelligence matchmaking chatbot, who will take you on a journey to create your perfect profile.

Simply engage in an intriguing conversation with Eva and leave it to her to construct a profile that represents you and your unique interests. Whether you love discussing the latest topics from the 'United Nations World Conferences' course, or enjoy sharing the magic of stargazing at Aobayama Campus, Eva will nail your perfect match without falter. Expect her skills to be as efficient and precise as Professor Hideo Ohno's lectures in Semiconductor Electronics.

Imagine your perfect first date sipping on a creamy latte at the popular Zanzabar coffee shop, or exploring the secret tales of Sendai at the Tohoku History Museum. With and Eva, not only will you find your ideal match, but you'll also discover exciting first date locations that would reflect your shared interests! So, why wait? Start your adventure with today and move beyond the ordinary.