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Welcome to, a cutting-edge dating platform exclusively designed for the spirited youth at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Our innovative dating application integrates artificial intelligence, providing our users with a uniquely seamless and personalized experience. With our AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, forget the tedious task of swiping and let us create your perfect match profile.

Why rely on a chance encounter at Suzukake-dai Library, when Eva can help you connect with potential partners who share not just your study goals but also your fascination for koi fish in Daigaku Hongo? Efficient and smart, let Eva take you through an interactive matchmaking conversation to understand your preferences, and present you with the most compatible matches. Our AI-driven platform saves you time and effort, making the daunting task of finding love a bit more manageable and a lot more fun.

Our application also integrates the charm and culture of our campus life. Have your first date at the tranquil, Minedrip Coffee or enjoy a leisurely stroll at the Ookayama Station Park. Let change your perspective on university dating. Register today and let Eva find your perfect match on the Tokyo Tech campus.