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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app designed exclusively for Tokyo Metropolitan University students. No more arbitrary swipes or clumsy pick-ups in the library. Instead, meet Eva, your AI matchmaking chatbot. Eva uses innovative AI technology to engage you in a conversation, grasp your personality and preferences, and create a perfect match profile, saving your time and significantly increasing matching accuracy.

Forget the intimidating cafeteria crowd or awkward moments in the library. With, Eva sets you up with like-minded individuals right from your course or even from another faculty – imagine finding your soulmate in the Arts while you're sweating over those Computer Science equations!

Ready for the first date but clueless about the location? Depending on your shared interests, Eva can suggest the best local spots that only you, Tokyo Metropolitan University students would appreciate. From discussing Keigo Higashino's novels over coffee at the much-loved Campus Café, to enjoying a romantic walk in the verdant Hachioji campus - dating has never been so tailored and effortless.