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Welcome to, a revolutionary dating app exclusively tailored for the exceptional students at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. Our innovative, AI-powered chatbot, Eva, gets to know you through dynamic and engaging conversations. Forget swiping endlessly through profiles. Let Eva do the matchmaking and introduce you to individuals who align with what you're looking for.

Imagine no longer relying on serendipity to bump into "the one" over a late-night study session at the Nabeshima Shoto Park Library. Trade that anxiety of approach for assurance knowing that your matches are curated based on shared interests, course schedules, extracurricular activities and even your favourite coffee order from Café de L'Ambre.

Whether you're an Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences major, or into Robotics, give a try. Say goodbye to the guesswork and tap into the future of dating, where technology enhances human connection. Start a conversation with Eva today, and pave your way towards finding the ultimate study partner or your next date to Hanami at the Nogawa Park.