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Welcome to, exclusively tailored for you, Titans of Tokyo University of Science. Tired of grading lab reports or waiting for an accidental collision in the Hoshisato Library to find your one true chemistry? Cast those traditional methods aside, embark on a futuristic dating journey with us today!

With our sophisticated AI chatbot, Eva, your romantic incompatibilities will become a part of history, just like the dusty old books in the Okuma Memorial Hall. Simply chat with Eva who, like an attentive friend, will masterfully sketch your personality and preferences. Based on this deep and insightful conversation, she'll match you with a like-minded TUS scholar, thereby turning awkward swiping into a relic of the past.

What’s more, Eva is privy to the best date spots near our campus. Imagine savoring your first cup of matcha latte at the campus-side Kōshō-ji Garden's Café whilst exchanging ideas with your perfectly-matched partner. All this without the agonizing swiping or painfully curated profiles! Sounds like a perfect first-day experiment, wouldn't you agree? So why wait? Dear scientists, let work its algorithm magic to unfold a new chapter in your science and love life today!