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Welcome to, the innovative dating app specifically designed for the spirited students of Tomsk State University. Gone are the days of accidental library meet-cutes, and exhaustive swiping. Now, you can dive into a world of digital matchmaking curated by our intelligent AI bot, Eva. Just imagine, having your dating profile built upon a meaningful conversation, not just selfies and rushed bios.

With Eva's assistance, you'll find your ideal match according to your shared interests, academic endeavors, and coffee preferences. Maybe you both enjoy studying in the hushed atmosphere of the university's Scientific Library, or perhaps, you both unwind after classes with a cup of rich brew at the famous local café, Traveler's Coffee. Our approach ensures that the chemistry is based on real, shared experiences. is more than just an app; it's a revolution in student dating at Tomsk State University. It’s not about swiping, it’s about connecting. Dive in and experience a fresh approach to student dating. No more library run-ins, just pure, intelligent compatibility. Be part of our dating revolution today.