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Welcome to, the specialist dating app exclusively designed for Tottori University students. Say goodbye to endless swipes and meet your ideal match through our innovative AI-powered matchmaking chatbot, Eva. Using advanced conversational analytics, Eva will build your profile through a stimulating chat about your interests, preferences, and more. Our app ensures that the excitement of finding love no longer depends on a random encounter in Jinbō-chō Library.

Our aim is to simplify the dating process by helping you connect with like-minded fellow students from our prestigious university community. Whether you're searching for a companion to share midnight cramming sessions, someone to join your cheering team at the annual Karo-kai Yakusha Festival, or a coffee lover who appreciates the unique blend served at Fushigi Cafe, we’ve got you covered. and Eva take the guesswork out of dating so you can focus on what truly matters – building great relationships.

We understand that every student at Tottori University has unique interests and tastes, which is why our AI chatbot Eva uses your conversation to create a personalized and detailed profile. Combined with our complex algorithm, we identify the best potential matches that share your love for intellectual discussions, the tranquil beauty of Tottori Sand Dunes, or the thrill of Cherry Blossom viewing at Kōzen-ji. With, dating at Tottori University is exciting, effortless and tailored just for you.