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Introducing, the revolutionary dating app specifically designed for our Toyohashi University of Technology students. We know how precious your time is, between lectures in Akai Yane no Kyosha building and studying late at the School of Engineering Library. With our AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, fill your love life without adding to your ‘to-do’ list.

Eva is not your usual matchmaker. Through an enjoyable conversational profile setup, she crafts your unique personality blueprint. No more tiresome swiping on endless faces. Eva dives deep into your preferences, so that she can handpick potential dates who match well with your personality and lifestyle. Say goodbye to chance encounters, like hoping to stumble upon your perfect someone at Café de Breve.

Embrace and explore the joy of meeting someone who appreciates you for who you are. Let Eva, our intelligent app, find your ideal match while you are brewing innovation at Toyohashi University of Technology. This isn't just about finding love, but celebrating who you are, where you are. Join now to embark on a refreshing journey of meaningful connections.