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Tsinghua University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, the future of dating at Tsinghua University! Created for students like you, who're busy navigating academic life, finding the ideal study spots at the Tsinghua Library, and savoring quick coffee breaks at the beloved Yuan Cafe. Our advanced dating app is here to make your romantic endeavors a breeze.

Meet Eva, your personal AI Matchmaker. Designed to eliminate the endless swiping and superficial tendencies often associated with online dating. Getting started is as simple as having a chat! Eva learns your preferences, interests and values during an interactive conversation, using this information to build your profile and find the perfect match for you - No more time-wasting, just meaningful connections.

With Dates.ai, we transform a simple chat into a journey of connection. No longer worry about coordinating study schedules just to bump into your crush at the library. Instead, enjoy the thrill of meeting someone who appreciates both your love for the quiet corners of Tsinghua Library and your loyalty to Yuan Cafe's steamy lattes. Join Dates.ai now and experience a revolution in dating at Tsinghua University!