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Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, the dating platform made exclusively for the thrilling minds and passionate hearts of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). We understand life in UKM is much more than late-night study sessions at the Pusat Sumber and catching up over Kopi O at the beloved Kopitiam UKM. That's why we brought to life our trusty AI matchmaker, Eva, to diversify your university experience.

Rest, dear scholars, you no longer need to swipe incessantly or fantasize about a romantic rendezvous in the library aisles. Just have a chat with Eva! Gifted with an AI's precision and a human's emotional intelligence, Eva designs your profile following a relaxed, insightful conversation. She digs deeper than mundane likes and dislikes, painting a vivid portrait of you that truly resonates with the spirit of UKM.

No need to wait for fate to bump into your soulmate at the Lab of Computer Science or the mesmerizing halls of Dewan Budiman. Eva will find the most compatible match amidst the vibrant crowd of UKM, all while making sure your journey to love is as enchanting as the serene view from Helang Residence. Set yourself up for an exciting chat over a Teh Tarik at the iconic Anjung Siswa, or an evening stroll by the awe-inspiring Fakulti Pengurusan dan Ekonomi building. Experience love at UKM, with dates.ai!