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Universiti Putra Malaysia joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, a revolutionary dating platform exclusively dedicated to the vibrant students of Universiti Putra Malaysia. Say goodbye to the endless swiping, and say hello to Eva, our innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot. Eva's mission, through personalised conversations, is to understand your preferences and personality, building for you a profile that accurately represents your uniqueness.

Frustrated of never bumping into those potential matches because you're buried in a book at Perpustakaan Sultan Abdul Samad? No more waiting on serendipity! Eva brings the action to you. Eva's proficiency lies in taking the intricacies of a conversational input and translating it into potential matches. Checkout Eva's match suggestions and gear up to connect with potential partners whom you'll share an intellectual and emotional connection with.

Perhaps you wish to meet at the famed Bibliocafe for a cozy first date, discussing your shared interests over the much-loved hazelnut latte. Or if nature's more your jam, take a walk together through Agriculture Concourse. At dates.ai, it's not just about meeting people. We are creating an ecosystem of meaningful connections ignited by deep-rooted compatibility. Join dates.ai today and allow Eva to redefine your dating experience against the vibrant backdrop of Universiti Putra Malaysia.