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Universiti Sains Malaysia joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, where Universiti Sains Malaysia students can unlock a new era of dating! Here, you leave the burdensome swiping behind and let our AI chatbot Eva do all the work. After an intuitive and fun conversation with Eva, your profile will be ready, allowing you to connect with other USM students in a whole new way.

Don't wait for another chance encounter at Hamzah Sendut Library - let Dates.ai guide you directly to your perfect match. And just imagine that first date at the ever-renowned Pelita Cafe, talking over creamy teh tarik, without the awkwardness of a blind date. Dates.ai already facilitates a common ground between you, based on Eva’s empathic, deep learning capabilities, which afford a seamless dating experience.

Unlock the future of dating now with Dates.ai, and let your USM journey be filled with exciting, meaningful connections. Register today and let Eva, our state-of-the-art AI, unveil the potential of dating within the vibrant Universiti Sains Malaysia community.