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Welcome to, specifically tailored for you, the vibrant scholars of University College Cork. We're here to revolutionize dating with Eva, our intelligent matchmaking chatbot. She learns about you through an engaging conversation, builds your profile and matches you with fitting companions, replacing the tedious task of swiping.

Imagine grabbing a cosy flat white at the historic UCC 'Stone Corridor' coffee shop for a first date arranged by Eva and not just relying on a random encounter in the Boole Library. You can keep your focus on your invigorating studies while Eva attends to your dating life in the background.

Whether you're from the School of Law, studying Neuroscience, or delving into Irish Studies, appreciates the rich and diverse student community in UCC. As such, Eva considers your unique personality, criteria, and hectic university schedule to find you romantic connections that share your interests, haven. No more fuss, just University College Cork love match at your fingertips. Start your journey with and let Eva guide you to your next great connection.