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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app made exclusively for you, the vibrant and intelligent students of University of A Coruña. Let go of those tiresome swipes, we know you'd rather focus your time on enjoying the breathtaking views from the Tower of Hercules, keeping your grades at an all-time high or savoring the rich flavors of Marita Ron café.

That's why we're turning dating as you know it upside down. We're thrilled to introduce Eva, our AI matchmaking chatbot. That's right! Through a seamless and engaging matchmaking conversation, Eva will get to know your interests, passions, and what truly sparks your curiosity. So, you can say goodbye to generic profiles and awkward encounters at the Campus de Elviña library.

From arranging your first date at that quaint corner of Rectorate Building with the most spectacular sunset, to finding your study partner in the buzzing sciences department, or simply someone who shares your love for the eclectic performances at the Jazz Festival, Eva is here to make it happen. Dive into the world of and let Eva be your matchmaker.