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Embark on a revolutionary dating journey with, an innovative matchmaker designed exclusively for the University of Amsterdam, mimicking your late-night conversations at De Jaren or those casual chats at Het Molenpad. How does it work? It's simple - you have a casual conversation with Eva, our AI Chatbot. Eva takes the chore of swiping right out of your hands, learning about your preferences, quirks, and interests in the process.

This isn't your typical De Brug queue or another awkward encounter at Universiteitsbibliotheek. is tailored around you, the UvA student, understanding the nuances of campus life, the late study nights at Bushuis, and the relaxation vibes at Oosterpark. It's the campus talk brought to life; it's the friend who knows just the person you'd vibe with after attending a performance at CREA. It's Eva. And she's here to simplify your dating life.

Goodbye to the endless student mixer cycles and hello to more moments at Café de Jaren, The Movies, or sprinting between lectures at Roeterseiland Campus. is not just for dating. It's about establishing meaningful connections, without the fuss. Dating here isn't about guessing, it's about knowing, and it begins today at the University of Amsterdam. Let Eva, your intelligent cupid, bring your romantic studies to the next level. Date smarter, not harder with