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Welcome to, the dating app exclusively designed for the bullseyed Cupids of the University of Antwerp. We're here to revolutionize your dating experience with a dose of artificial intelligence. Now, there's no need to wait around Café Noir for that chance encounter or hope to stumble upon your perfect match in the maze of Bibliotheek Stadscampus. We promise our app can be your modern-day love potion. features an innovative Artificial Intelligence chatbot named Eva, crafted with algorithms as refreshing as the Antwerp sunshine. Eva chats away with you, learning your preferences, your interests, and all the tiny quirks that make you, uniquely you! Forget the need to swipe exhaustively for a match; Eva will pair you with potential dates after a simple, exploratory chat. A process as smooth as the admired architecture of our beloved University.

As Antwerp students who've had their own share of memorable dates at De Koninck Antwerp City Brewery, we understand what it's like seeking love amidst lectures, studies, and socials. So, be it a quiet date among the serene gardens of Den Botaniek, or an exciting evening at the Trix Club, trust for a college romance that fits perfectly around your university life. So step out of the library, let's add some heart to the science - welcome to smarter dating, welcome to