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Welcome to, built especially for all you busy students of the University of Bergen. Say goodbye to the countless hours spent swiping through profiles, and say hello to Eva, our innovative AI matchmaking chatbot. Designed to understand you like no other, Eva will engage you in a meaningful conversation to build your profile and match you with the perfect partner who shares your passions and interests.

Behind on your study sessions at the University Library and too busy hoping to bump into that special someone among the bookshelves? Or perhaps you're too engrossed in your habit of sipping espressos at your favourite local, 'Det Lille Kaffekompaniet'? With, we handle your romantic engagements so you can focus on what matters. With the help of Eva, you'll be meeting like-minded students for intellectual exchanges over coffee or scenic strolls around the idyllic Lille Lungegårdsvannet in no time.

At, we understand the unique lifestyles and needs of University of Bergen students. Our matches go beyond the usual, considering shared courses, common study spots, and favourite hangouts like Sjøboden or Hectors Hybel. Discover a new kind of dating experience specifically tailored to your academic life at the University of Bergen, with Let Eva redefine your university dating story today.