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Welcome to, the exclusive dating app for us – the smart and savvy students of University of Bern! We're stepping up the dating game with our AI-powered matchmaking chatbot, Eva. Forget the tedious task of swiping and profile creating. Eva builds your perfect profile through an interactive, fun conversation.

Remember the butterflies you felt when that gorgeous Philosophy major passed by you in our beloved Müller Library? Or that heart-stopping moment when the Physicist you're crushing didn't even notice when you offered them a cup of SchwarzHerz kaffee. With, you won't have to rely on these chance encounters anymore. At Bern, we're all about intelligent connections and that's where Eva comes to play!

Eva understands us Berns in a way no one else can - she knows our hangout spots, she knows what it feels like being a part of the UniBE family. She'll save you from awkward small talks and take you straight to the meaningful exchanges with your perfect match. Let and Eva take you on a journey from Stadtbach pots to a romantic date at Rosengarten. Denn in Bern sind wir schlau und lieben klug!