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Meet, the University of Birmingham's new favourite dating app, specially tailored for students like you! Gone are the days of swiping mindlessly or hoping for a serendipitous meet-cute at the buzzing Costa Coffee on New Street, or the quiet corners of the Muirhead Tower library. Enter the world of intelligent matchmaking with and have your dating profile sculpted by Eva, our adept AI Chatbot.

Eva engages you in a stimulating matchmaking conversation, gathering insights into your personality, interests, and your idea of the perfect companion. Then, using sophisticated algorithms, develops a profile uniquely designed to present the authentic you. No more swiping; instead, get ready for quality matches handpicked for you by advanced AI technology. Remember that exhilarating feeling when the Old Joe bell rings at the exact moment you walk past? That's the kind of perfect timing we're talking about with

So, ready to swap those late-night study dates at the Barber Institute for romantic outings in the charming corners of Birmingham? Let Eva guide your journey in finding that special someone. Say yes to love, laughter, and a whole lot of University of Birmingham pride with Your story awaits.