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Welcome to, a revolutionary dating app specially tailored for the incredible student community at the University of Bonn. We know your schedules are packed with lectures at Hauptgebäude or study hours at Juridicum Library, leaving little room for random encounters or aimless swiping. That’s where comes in to transform your dating life.

Our power lies in our groundbreaking AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva. She doesn't make you swipe till your thumbs are numb or read tedious profiles. Instead, you engage in a lively conversation with Eva who carefully crafts your profile based on your likes, interests and desired qualities in a partner. Forget about accidentally bumping into your soulmate at Ernst Moritz Arndt Square, Eva ensures you find well-paired matches minus the fuss and rush.

But that's not all. We know that a great date location can make all the difference, so Eva will also suggest popular local spots like the charming Café Blau for your first meet-up. So, with, your perfect matches at University of Bonn are a conversation away. Welcome to fuss-free, personalized dating powered by the genius of artificial intelligence!