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Welcome to, designed exclusively for the lively community of the University of Bradford. Say goodbye to countless swipes that end in mediocre conversations and never blossom into anything meaningful. Embrace the future of dating with our AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, who manages your profile for you! After a friendly chat with Eva, you'll find yourself matched with students who are genuinely on your wavelength. The days of hoping to stumble upon your perfect match in the JSB library are gone, thanks to Eva's astute matchmaking skills.

Imagine sipping a cappuccino at the acclaimed ECJ's coffee shop, sharing your passion for Quantum Physics with a fellow enthusiast, without the pressure of the initial awkwardness. This possibility is now a reality with our application. Bei it in the bustling hub at Student Central or a quiet corner at Amp Bar - ensures promising connections at your own comfort. Eva takes into account not just your course and year of study, but also those unique personal nuances to ensure a meaningful match.

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