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At, we're all about making those 'Buchanan Library Bump-ins' a thing of the past for University of British Columbia students. Our dating app uniquely champions both your love life and academic performance - no more need for hasty swiping between lectures or stress over finding that perfect date spot. Instead, brace yourself for a revolutionary matchmaking experience with our AI chatbot, Eva.

Eva takes pride in her intimate knowledge of your campus life - envision an initial date at the beloved Great Dane Coffee, sharing thoughts over a quality cup of joe or steamy London Fog. And Eva, unlike your last date, listens. After an engaging conversation with her, she'll have your profile crafted to match you with a date who's just as passionate about Quantum Physics or French Impressionism as you are. She's a keen conversationalist who is committed to understanding you, your preferences, and your campus lifestyle.

Welcome to the future of dating at UBC. Make your move – university isn't just about cramming in the library, it’s about creating worthwhile connections too. Never mind the swipe, let Eva and ignite your love journey on campus now!