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Welcome to, the innovative dating app specifically tailored for the vibrant students of University of Burgundy. Are you tired of swiping and still missing out your perfect match? We introduce you to Eva, an advanced AI chatbot that can end your fruitless swiping saga. Rather than leaving it to chance at the university library or the endless queues at the La Douceur Café, Eva gets to know you through conversation, building your profile from your passions to your pet peeves.

Because we know how stressful student life can be, and dating should not be another exam you have to prepare for. With Eva and, you can hang up your swiping fingers, and let us match you with kindred spirits from your classes, departments, or even that cutie from the same dormitory. You'll spend less time lost in a sea of profiles, and more time fostering connections that matter.

Join for a unique, bespoke matchmaking experience at the University of Burgundy. Bid adieu to the era of missed opportunities and the game of guessing at the Crous Dijon. Instead, welcome human-like conversations with Eva that put an end to impersonal swiping, ushering in the era of AI dating on campus! So Burgundy scholars, are you ready for your well-deserved happily-ever-after?