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At, we're revolutionizing student dating at the University of California, Berkeley. Forget about those awkward "study dates" at Strada, or banking on running into someone you fancy in the hallowed halls of Doe Library. We're ushering in a new era with our robust AI-powered matchmaking chatbot, Eva. Like a Bear aglow in the night, she's here to guide you to your perfect match, without the need for endless swiping.

Take part in a fun, interactive conversation with Eva as she helps curate your profile. She's smart, intuitive, and knows exactly what to ask– she's almost as good as Professor Lakoff at deciphering you! Together with Eva, you'll unravel your hidden desires, passions, and quirks, thereby presenting the real you to fellow Berkeley students looking for love or friendship. At, we want to make your dating life as seamless as submitting assignments on bCourses!

So, for your next date, why not skip the long queue at Philz Coffee and instead, connect with fellow Golden Bears on a deeper level with You might end up discovering the Yang to your Yin - all in between the vibrant corridors of Sproul Plaza or under the breathtaking Berkeley Campanile. So, say goodbye to endless swiping and start a meaningful conversation today with Eva!