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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app exclusively designed for the spirited students of the University of California, Riverside. Using the power of AI, we cut through the noise to fast-track your journey to finding the perfect partner. With our innovative matchmaking chatbot, Eva, you won’t need to stress about crafting the perfect profile or swiping endlessly through potential matches. A conversation with Eva is all that stands between you and your potential other half.

Picture this: you're sipping your favorite latte at the local Highlander Gourmet Coffee, waiting to meet your match, all arranged by Eva- saves you from the awkwardness of bumping into someone in the Rivera Library while looking for a study partner, right? What's better, you're assured your match is not just any random stranger but a fellow UCR student--someone who understands your unique challenges, dreams, and passions. The adrenaline of the March Madness, the pride of a successful research presentation, and the joy of late-night study gatherings at AI—she will understand them all.

At, we understand that university life can be a whirlwind of experiences. That's why we take on the heavy lifting so you can focus on what truly matters: fostering meaningful connections. Sign up today. Forget swipes; start a conversation with Eva and get ready to explore the thrill of AI-matched university dating. Go Highlanders, let's create memorable love stories!