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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app exclusively designed to cater to our free-spirited Gauchos at the University of California, Santa Barbara! Say goodbye to the age-old swipe tradition and leave your dating fate in the hands of our AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva. With just a friendly chat, Eva constructs your perfect profile, making connecting with your potential UCSB sweetheart easier and more accurate than ever before.

Forget about the hassle of surfacing from your deep studies at Davidson Library, hoping to bump into your soulmate. With, you could be setting up a cozy chat at Caje coffee house or planning sunset dates at Campus Point without needing the paradox of choice to overwhelm you. We understand the intricate UCSB dating pool and curate matches that understand the delicate balance between maintaining that high GPA and making time for Isla Vista social life.

We're not just any dating app; we're the app that understands life as a UCSB student better than any other. With locals from Santa Catalina dorms to the scholars from Bren, no matter what corner of our beautiful campus you hail from, Eva is here to make your UCSB dating experience as enjoyable and successful as it should be. Welcome to a seamless and efficient way to find love and friendship, welcome to, fellow Gauchos!