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Welcome to - the revolutionary dating app designed exclusively for the lively students of the University of California, Santa Cruz. Swap the laborious tasks of crafting a perfect profile or aimless swiping for studying or lounging around the lush greens of our beautiful campus. Instead, engage in a unique matchmaking experience with Eva, our advanced AI chatbot, who'll get to know you better than you know yourself.

We know the life of a UC Santa Cruz student isn't all about hitting the books in McHenry Library or surviving late-night cram sessions in Science & Engineering Library. We also understand the particular charm of a first date at the cosy Verve Coffee Roasters or a romantic walk along the picturesque path to Stevenson College. Let Eva detect your preferences and find your perfect match among your fellow Slugs.

Don't leave your love life up to the random chance of bumping into someone in the corridors of Thimann Labs or the charming aisles of Bookshop Santa Cruz. Allow Eva to cut the complexity, and get ready to embrace a more premium, personalized, and precise dating experience with Let the future of dating begin now.