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Are you tired of aimlessly strolling through the crowded El Sol Cafe, hoping to bump into someone special? Do you dread the thought of another lonely study session at the Santa Maria la Blanca Library? Welcome to, University of Castilla-La Mancha's unrivaled dating app. We've replaced the continuous hassle of swiping with an intelligent matchmaking AI, named Eva, who's ready to revolutionize your dating game.

Eva, our intuitive chatbot, is a refreshing departure from traditional data-entry profiles. She chats with you, understands your unique preferences, and skillfully crafts your profile, making it as effortless as a casual evening walk at the Parque de Abelardo Sanchez. Eva's mission is not just to build your profile but to curate the best matches for Castilla-La Mancha's bright minds.

Don't let your bustling schedule or the stress of exam season get in the way of an exciting social life. With, you can now focus on your studies and still get the perfect match. Who knows, your next casual coffee date at Libis Café or study together moment at the Library could just be a chat with Eva away! University of Castilla-La Mancha, let’s redefine dating.