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Welcome to, created to revolutionize your dating experience as a student at the University of Catania! Tired of swiping aimlessly and not running into your potential match at the Biblioteca Centrale? Our state-of-the-art AI chatbot, Eva, offers a unique and exciting solution. Through a friendly matchmaking conversation, Eva gets to know you, and constructs a keenly accurate profile, doing away with the tedious task of swiping.

Eva is like the Barista at Peppino's who knows your coffee order without you needing to speak a word. She's familiar with the late-night cagliata and arancini cravings after a study session, and the charm of getting gelato at Spinella on a sunny day. Involved in every step of your journey, Eva picks out potential matches who share your love for these specific local pleasures, interest in common disciplines and your general way of University life which only a fellow Catania student would understand.

Here at, we believe in creating genuine connections. Our mission is to make your University of Catania journey memorable with a sprinkling of love and companionship. Unlike the usual libraries and group studies, we're betting on Peppino's or maybe the Piazza Duomo for your dreamy first dates. Our intelligent matchmaking, blended with a slice of Catania’s life, will surely lead you to the companionship you seek. Stop waiting, get talking with Eva, and we promise – no more swiping!