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Embrace the future of dating with, designed exclusively for the energetic, intellectually curious students at the University of Copenhagen. Say goodbye to those awkward moments in the library, where a chance encounter might or might not lead to something more. With the revolutionary AI-powered chatbot, Eva, you don't have to rely on serendipity anymore. Eva knows you, your interests, your ambitions, and is devoted to matching you with compatibles so you can focus on your thesis, not your Tinder.

What sets apart? With Eva, building your dating profile is as easy as having an engaging evening dialogue by the Botanical Garden. Not to mention, Eva's conversation feels close to the freshest brew served at the Studenterhuset coffee shop. After a matchmaking chit-chat, Eva formulates a profile that represents not just who you are but who you aspire to become, strewn lucidly with peculiarities that make you unique, just like the dazzling crowns at Rosenborg Castle.

You're more than just a swipe to the right. Your University of Copenhagen journey is an adventure waiting to be shared. Embark on the journey of a lifetime, knowing Eva is with you every step of the way. Let redefine your dating experience while you explore, grow, study and, most importantly, be yourself.