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Are you a student at the University of Debrecen, feeling lost in a sea of faces? Fear not! Introducing, the revolutionary dating app that uses the power of artificial intelligence to take the stress out of seeking that special someone. Say goodbye to old-fashioned swipes and let our AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, guide you through a unique profile-building conversation!

No more relying on a lucky bump-in at the library or a fleeting glance at Csokonai Theater. At, we're making your love story smarter and simpler. By using knowledge unique to the University of Debrecen – from your study habits at Life Sciences Library to your coffee preferences at the local Hal Köz café, Eva tailors your profile to align with the quirks and qualities that truly define you.

At, we believe in meaningful connections fuelled by shared enthusiasm for our unique university experiences. So, University of Debrecen students, let Eva lead you on a journey to discover prospective partners that truly match your tempo. Take the first step towards that destined meeting under the grand main building or a whimsical first date at the charming Nero Café. Let and Eva create your perfect Debrecen love story!