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Welcome Gator Nation to, an app designed specifically for University of Florida students. We believe that traditional dating apps don’t quite offer the personalized touch you need in connection. We get it, nowadays it's harder to bump into your soulmate in Marston Library than to secure a front-row seat in a packed lecture hall during finals. We also understand that there are much better ways to utilize your time than swiping endlessly on your screen. Meet Eva, your personal AI matchmaking chatbot, here to navigate the world of dating and connections with you!

At, our cutting-edge AI, Eva builds your dating profile through a simple conversation. This isn't about answering a tedious questionnaire, but rather, a chill chat about your interests, your hobbies, and what you are looking for in a connection. Whether you're into the Gators games at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium or prefer an artsy date at Historic Hale Center, Eva will help you find your ideal match. And who knows, you might find someone who also favors a caffeinated study session at Pascal’s coffee shop as a perfect first date.

So, say goodbye to mindless swipes and hello to personalized AI-driven matches! Embrace the future of dating at the University of Florida with Let Eva guide you to more relevant matches and meaningful connections. It’s time to transform your UF student life with more love, more friendships, and more fun. Go Gators! Go!