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Welcome to, the cutting-edge dating solution made just for us, the vibrant community of the University of Ghana. Our unique, AI-powered app takes the guesswork out of finding your perfect match in the midst of the bustle of lecture halls and study groups. With Eva, our smart matchmaking chatbot, forget swiping and enjoy a conversation that matters, the one that builds your profile in real depth.

Imagine never having to worry about missing the chance to meet that special someone at Balme Library between African Literature studies or bumping into them at the buzzing Night Market. No longer will you need to figure out which venue is perfect for the first date - Is it a cozy cup of Koko King coffee on Monday morning or a sweet bite at the Pink Hostel cake shop on a lazy evening? Eva’s got it all covered for you!

Here at, we make it simple, safe, and enjoyable for you to connect to fellow students, share unforgettable moments, and maybe even find true love. So why wait? Begin your authentic dating journey now with, the University of Ghana's premier dating app. Embrace the magic of newfound connections and experiences only fellow students at the University of Ghana can truly appreciate.