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Welcome to, the pioneering dating app revolutionizing the way University of Göttingen students connect and find love. Our AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, has her algorithmic pulse on the heart of the city and university life, allowing you to avoid the typically laborious process of profile building. She knows your campus better than anyone, from the well-kept secrets of the SUB Göttingen to the inviting ambiance of Café Central off-campus. Save time for studying, let Eva curate your perfect match.

With Eva, instead of navigating through endless profiles and swiping, your digital matchmaker engages you in an intriguing conversation. Our advanced AI remembers every little detail, right from your favorite study nook at the historic Paulinerkirche, to your preference for the exotic dishes served at DeliViet. All you have to do is chat. The new era of effortless dating is here, and it's exclusive to the University of Göttingen.

Forget about aimless swipes and serendipitous meetings in the Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek! With, you're not just another student in the crowd. You're an individual with unique preferences and aspirations. Eva understands this, and she's ready to take you on a romantic journey that starts in Göttingen and ends... well, that's for you and your perfect match to decide. Start your extraordinary love story today with – the chemistry, without the lab work!