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Welcome, University of Granada students, to - your new secret weapon in the dating scene. Leaving the mundane swiping behind, introduces Eva, an ingenious AI matchmaking chatbot that learns about you through engaging conversations. There is no need anymore to rely on bumping into your desired one in the epicentral library, or finding a connection at El Bar de Fede. Eva guides you to romantic success and offers a contemporary approach to meeting like-minded individuals right here at the University of Granada.

How does it work? It's simple. Initiate a chat with Eva, our AI matchmaker extraordinaire. Share your preferences, interests, and what you value most in a potential partner. Whether it's a shared passion for the sublime history of La Alhambra, your taste in tapas at Los Diamantes, or the thrill felt during the Fallas of San José, Eva carefully crafts your profile based on this interactive matchmaking conversation.

Immerse yourself in the sophisticated, modern dating experience that is and open a world of opportunities right here within the enchanting campus of the University of Granada. Unveil your potential, discover new connections and redefine your university years with You never know, a laid-back date at Via Colon, or a romantic walk through the Carmen de los Martires gardens, may be just around the corner.