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Welcome to, the next-generation dating app specially curated for University of Graz Students! Say goodbye to the laborious process of swiping and say hello to Eva, our revolutionary AI matchmaking Chatbot. Eva gets to know you through an interactive conversation, ensuring your profile absolutely reflects your personality and preferences.

Never again miss a potential connection in the stuffy confines of the university library or the crowded hallways of RESOWI. With, every matchmaking possibility is quite literally at your fingertips. Embark on an enjoyable conversation with Eva, and let her discover the perfect chemistry. She could match you with that cute guy from your Economics class you were too shy to speak to or even the mysterious literature enthusiast you've admired from afar in the Leselounge.

Once the matches are made, no need to scratch your heads over deciding the place for your first date. Whether it’s sharing a cozy cup of coffee at Tribeka or strolling together at the Botanical Garden of Graz University, our app makes suggestions, based on your preferences. University life at Graz just got a lot more interesting, thanks to Let us take the guessing out of dating for you. Say yes to connection, say yes to