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Welcome to, the premier dating platform for the savvy students of the University of Greifswald! Gone are the days of awkwardly hoping to bump into your crush in the Hans Fallada Library. With our innovative AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, finding your perfect date is as easy as having a chat!

Eva is designed to get to know you during a friendly conversation. She will ask you questions about your preferences, interests, and even your favorite spots in Greifswald! Does an ideal date involve a cozy meetup at Café Koeppen? Or maybe a leisurely walk along the beautiful Ryck river? By understanding your preferences, Eva will build your personalized dating profile, so you don't need to swipe anymore.

Find the ideal companion to share those unforgettable university moments with. Now you can focus on your studies and let Eva do the matchmaking. Experience meaningful connections made simple with, uniquely tailored to the University of Greifswald community.