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Ever wondered about the future of dating at the University of Haifa? Welcome to - the smartest solution to your dating challenges. Where the unpredictability of bumping into the love of your life in the crowded heights of the Eshkol Tower is replaced by Eva, our intelligent matchmaking chatbot. With, replace aimless swiping with purposeful matching and intelligently curated dating experiences.

Initiate a dynamic conversation with Eva. She's smart, bubbly, and knows just how busy student life gets. She eases the matchmaking process, working with you to build a vivid profile that truly encapsulates who you are beyond your major. Long gone are the days of aimless swipes and short-lived connections.

Picture this: with Eva's careful guidance and our intricate system, you find yourself meeting a fascinating History major at the cozy Apothecary Cafe near campus. The pressure of 'the perfect first date' dissipates, thanks to a smoothly coordinated interaction, set in your favorite corner of the city. This is dating made simple, elegant, and most importantly– meaningful, with for University of Haifa students.