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Welcome University of Hamburg students to your pathway to meaningful, AI-powered connections. Wherever you are - from the bustling coffee spots at Café Leonar in Grindel Quarter to the quiet corners of the Philosopher’s Tower Library - relationship building just became easier. Using the latest Artificial Intelligence, our matchmaking superbot Eva is here to revolutionize the way you find your match, without the need for never-ending swiping.

After an insightful conversation with Eva, you'll understand why she's the very paragon of matchmaking. She's not just a chatbot; she's a digital confidant who intelligently crafts your profile to reflect your unique personality and match compatibility. You no longer have to rely on chance meetings in the Law Library or frantically try to spark a conversation during a fast-swapping seminar at Universitätskolleg.

With, the burdensome task of hunting for your romantic interests on the vast University of Hamburg campus is a thing of the past. Whether you’ve just wrapped up a riveting lecture at Audimax, or are unwinding after a challenging game at the University sport complex, there's a higher probability of finding your perfect match. Say goodbye to the traditional, time-consuming ways of dating, and join the revolution at today.