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Welcome to, the pioneer in digital matchmaking designed meticulously for you, the bright minds at the University of Hohenheim! Tired of the infinite swiping and missing out on potentially great connections while cramming in our revered Bibliothek library? That's where we, and our innovative AI chatbot Eva, swoop in to change your dating experience.

Eva is not just a chatbot, but your personalized matchmaking specialist. Through a simple conversation with Eva, you can say goodbye to endless profile building. Eva works rigorously, constructing a profile that reflects your uniqueness and propensities. No need to depend on a chance encounter at the mesmerizing Schloss Hohenheim or when grabbing your favourite latte at Café Palme.

The future of dating for University of Hohenheim students is here. It's time to revolutionize your romantic journey with! No more swiping, just seamless matchmaking fine-tuned by AI. Ready to dive in? Let Eva guide you away from serendipity and toward destiny.