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Welcome to, your go-to dating app tailor-made specifically for the lively souls at the University of Illinois at Chicago! Say goodbye to endless swiping as our top-notch AIMatchbot, Eva, is ready to revolutionize your dating experience. Have an intriguing chat with Eva as she builds your profile and unravels the fabric of your romantic preferences. No longer will you have to rely on a chance encounter in the Daley Library or an awkward meet-cute in the Lecture Center.

Our app is deeply interwoven with your campus lifestyle as we embrace those unique UIC quirks that make us special. Remember the countless hours you’ve spent sipping coffee at Café Descartes between classes? Eva might just match you with that attractive Biology major you once shared a latte with. From the Student Center to the Recreation Facility, Eva's got you covered by understanding your routine, promoting meaningful interactions instead of random encounters.

Join the community at the University of Illinois at Chicago and let Eva guide your way to love. With us, dating is no longer a gamble but a fine-tuned journey set on the familiar bricks and mortar of our beloved campus. So why wait? Dive into the future of dating with, where the ordinary meets extraordinary!