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Welcome to – the new and smart way to dating specifically for University of Kaiserslautern students. Imagine a dating experience where you don't need to rely on bumping into your match in the library or in the crowdy Mensa! revolutionizes your dating game with our innovative AI-powered matchmaking Eva

No more aimless swipes! Our AI Eva has been programmed to learn your interests, preferences and what you're seeking in a partner. After a simple conversation with Eva, she will prepare a precise profile that truly reflects who you are. is more than an app; it’s an intelligent companion always ready for a chat over a virtual coffee.

With, you'll have a chance to discover incredible matches that share your course load, your love for B Coffee Shop's famous iced lattes, or even your passion for Rhine River weekend getaways. So, put down those textbooks, take a break from study sessions, and let Eva introduce you to your next campus romance.