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Welcome to, tailored exclusively for the spirited students of the University of KwaZulu-Natal. We understand how hectic balancing your academic life and love life can be. Therefore, introduces Eva - an advanced AI matchmaking chatbot that eliminates the incessant swipe game and uses smart profiling to find your perfect match. Gone are the days of relying on fortune to bump into someone in the bustling Westville Campus Library during rush hour.

Eva engages you in a lively and insightful matchmaking conversation, learning your interests, tastes, and preferences to build your comprehensive profile. From your preferred hangout spot in the buzzing Howard College to your frequent orders at the beloved Blue Cat Café, Eva's cutting-edge technology uses these details to find you a match with shared interests.

Whether you dream of a casual coffee date at Java Café or an adventurous trip to the Botanic Gardens, Eva organizes and suggests perfect first date ideas to kindle the spark. Students, it's time to wave goodbye to awkward on-campus encounters and give a warm welcome to effortless and meaningful connections, only with!