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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app created exclusively for the vibrant students at the University of La Laguna. Here, we've harnessed the power of AI technology to introduce a fresh and intelligent way of finding your next date. Say farewell to endless swiping and hello to Eva, our intelligent chatbot who gets to know your passions, hobbies, and desires during an engaging conversation. She carefully crafts your profile, so your next date can go beyond the lecture hall.

Remember those times when you hoped to bump into that cute nerdy girl at the Biblioteca General y de Humanidades? Or imagined sharing an intimate conversation with the football captain at the ever-busy Cafetería Central? With, those fantasies can become reality, but without the waiting game. Our matchmaking system is designed to reflect the charisma and diversity that the University of La Laguna is renowned for, and nudges you closer to those first date butterflies.

So, whether you're looking for a study buddy or a dance partner for the fiestas on the Plaza del Cristo, is your digital Cupid. Just sit back at your favorite spot in Jardín Botánico, have a chat with Eva, and let us handle your search for a perfect match. After all, you've got enough on your plate studying in one of Spain's oldest and most prestigious universities. Let us take care of your romantic aspirations.