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Welcome to, the avant-garde dating application meticulously crafted for you, the proud students of University of Latvia. Our application is a pioneer in the realm of AI-based matchmaking, featuring a revolutionary chatbot, Eva, who will architect your profile through a convivial conversation. We understand that campus life can be very busy, and catching your crush's eye in the sprawling Raoul Wallenberg Library is left to chance.

With, you can drop those fruitless swipes and immerse yourself in meaningful connections. Our ingenious AI, Eva, does more than just profile building; she analyzes your preferences, hobbies, and the finer nuances of your personality to find your perfect match. You may spend days at the Art Academy building, but here, artistry meets technology to sketch your ideal romantic journey without the guesswork.

No more clandestine glances at the popular "Café University". Let Eva guide you to a personalized profile, revealing potential partners who share your love for enriching literature, sports enthusiasm at Daugava Stadium, or secret hangout spots around the picturesque Kronvalda Park. Let's rekindle the joy of meeting like-minded individuals beyond university walls - right here, on Your journey towards meaningful relationships starts with a conversation - a conversation with Eva.