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Welcome to! We are here to revolutionize dating at the University of Lausanne. With us, you can avoid the awkward glance exchange over MIS books in the Unithèque Library or the clumsy coffee spills at the popular Zelig Cafe. We've created a unique AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, who gets to know you through an engaging conversation, builds your profile, and finds your perfect match from the diverse community of our university. No more wasted swipes, only meaningful connections.

Eva uses advanced algorithms to understand your personality, preferences, and what truly matters to you when choosing a partner. Imagine never bumping into a language barrier at Language Center again, or finding a perfect companion who loves basking in the sun with you in Parc de Milan. Eva helps you salvage your romantic experiences from being just a 'Tinder Story'.

Join today and embrace the innovative approach to student dating, tailor-made for us, the bright, vibrant students of the University of Lausanne. Let's not leave love up to chance anymore, let's date smarter with Eva matchmaking chatbot. Experience the future of dating, today.