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Meet, the revolutionary dating app exclusively designed for the stars of University of Macau. Say goodbye to aimless swiping and hello to Eva, our ingenious AI matchmaking chatbot. With just a friendly conversation, Eva learns your interests, your aspirations and tailors your profile to match you with your potential soulmate in our lively campus.

Imagine sipping a warm cup of coffee with your heart racing, not due to the caffeine intake from a Splendid Coffee, but from the stimulating conversation with your perfect match. Breathe easy knowing that meeting someone special no longer relies on serendipitously bumping into them in the bustling Library Complex, Eva has got your back. isn't just another app, it's your ticket to unlock a world of romance and meaningful connections. Here at University of Macau, we're making it simple to find love...or perhaps even your study partner for the finals! Spend more time enjoying vibrant university life and let Eva handle the complexities of finding a match for you.