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Welcome to, an innovative dating platform specifically designed for the dynamic and vibrant students at the University of Manitoba. Unlike similar apps, takes the arduous task of profile building off your hands. Our intuitive AI chatbot, Eva, conducts an insightful matchmaking conversation with you to meticulously craft a profile that genuinely represents who you are. Gone are the days of endless swiping, we are digitizing serendipity and bringing the meaningful human connection back into dating.

We at understand the nuances of being a student at the University of Manitoba. Hence, we have tailored suggestions that will hit close to home. Imagine a romantic stroll around the beautiful campus, stealing glances as you 'accidentally' bump into each other at the Dafoe Library; no need to worry about those awkward introductions because Eva has taken care of that.

In need of a coffee date? Why not at Degrees, where the latte is warm and the conversations will hopefully be even warmer. Complement your studies with some heart-fluttering fun, join today. Find your perfect match effortlessly, let Eva take the wheel, and enjoy the ride. Let's make the U of M’s campus a love-filled one, one perfect match at a time.