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Find your match without the hassle of swiping, with! Designed specifically for University of Maryland, Baltimore County students in mind, our innovative app allows you to build your dating profile through friendly conversations with our AI chatbot, Eva. Gone are the days of relying on serendipitous encounters at Albin O. Kuhn Library or hoping to bump into that special someone at Flat Tuesdays Pub.

Eva is equipped with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to not only aid in your quest for love, but to also create a, dating experience tailored to the UMBC lifestyle. During your matchmaking conversation, she asks about your favorite study spots, UMBC social activities, and Retriever sports games, allowing her to get a deeper understanding of you and your interests, making matches that much more compatible.

Imagine it - no more awkward first dates at the Common Ground Café wondering what to talk about. With, you’ll already know your match loves the new blend just as much as you do. Ready to revolutionize your dating experience at UNBC? Sign up for today, and let Eva find your perfect match!