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Welcome to, where the University of Montana's finest minds come to connect, communicate, and potentially commit. Ditch the swiping fatigue and let our AI chatbot, Eva, write love stories tailored specifically for the Grizzlies at Missoula. We trade in algorithms and compatibility questions, designed for you, set against the backdrop of our very own University town.

Here's how it works: Relax with a cup of your favorite Black Coffee Roasting Co. blend while Eva engages you in a conversation. With each engaging dialog, Eva is learning, understanding your interests, your type, your likes and dislikes. It's not just about matching majors; maybe you both prefer studying under the pine trees in Camp Paxson over the congested Mansfield Library, or maybe you both have a penchant for the poetry nights at The Roxy Theater. Let Eva be your digital matchmaker.

So, if you're tired of the anonymous swiping game, waiting on fates to maybe have you bump into 'the one' in between Librarian’s office and UC Market, give a try. Eva is here to write your college love story with a University of Montana flavor that’s beyond the Greek Life or Saturday’s Griz games. Ready to start? Eva awaits.